Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Markers

  The Markers are the stupid, pathetic emotions, the sad, breaking emotions, the huge number of personalities and the old memories and much more other mentally ill things, the Markers are not just in your head, it's on they're head, on our head and all others, some people may show they're real Markers and others just hide them, it's not only that, it's much more complicated, it's people, things, alive and dead things, the Markers are everything/ everyone that may come against you in a day and break you down, stops you from doing something right.
The Markers are too very close to The Rig, The Rig is your life and no matter how much how full your Rig is, you cannot beat all The Markers, they are so many and so very strong, all you can do is praying for God and wishing the best for you and all others in life, cause simply, thinking about the Markers so very much will stops you from living your life out and that's not the point, cause the deal is I want you to live your life out, happy and away from all troubles.

Wrote by: Akiro Skullfield

Here's a photo of a Marker

The Rig

The Rig

   The Rig is a machine, it's a Time Machine, you can't really see it, you can't really use it && you can't really find it anywhere, it's simply invisible, the Rig is something that could be felt, everybody has a Rig, the Rig is your life, when the Rig is finished, your life is done and it's time to die.

   The Rig is something expansive, money can't really buy the Rig, nothing can buy it but Sadness could, what do I mean with “ Sadness could buy the Rig “
Well... We all know that happy times go so fast while sad times goes so slow on you && that's something we're done to know about.

   We all love life, we all want to live longer than we're meant to live but let's face it, we want everything fun and everything good for ourselves, lets forget about about the Rig and lets remember our past, how much time did we live? What did we do in this life? Did we do something that would make us be proud of ourselves, something that helped someone before, something new to the world? 
These are the most important questions that we should ask to ourselves while we're thinking about the Rig.

   In this life we could be what we want, we can be the good guys the people who goes to when they need help, someone that people thank all the time and remember in the good times or simply, someone everybody hates and we are free to choose what we want to be, most of people think that doing bad things is so fun, it's better than doing good things but the actual thing is that's wrong, those people who think like this are the same people who never have done good things at the past, or maybe they tried but they had a little bit bad luck and got into troubles. 

   Life is really easy especially if we will learn how to live it, but we should all know there's something called bad luck and something called good luck and that's fact, well, good luck is like, your living at the moment and your very lucky for living way better than a lot of people... Bad luck is your messing around and your not doing something useful in your daily life but you also try to, but it's just not good enough, you won't make something different to the world until you have this huge responsibility...
   Life... What is life?

   Life is you, life is all about you, life goes all around you and your free to go, your free with your life, your the boss in your life, your the actual root in your life, especially when your cross the 18 from your age you will be 100 % responsible in your life especially in front of the law.
Let's talk off the hook right now, let's mention and remind you all that the law is police, the law is the government and all that important people who runs the country, they run your country, they serve you... They work for you, to make you and guys like you happy, cause people, people are you and all others in the country, of course your important for them and your the one who they try to satisfy...
Okay, that what it was spouse to happen but also they for sure have so many people to satisfy and I'm sure they can't provide everything for you and the main reason for being on that position in the country is because they're own needs && that's called fact and not hate.

   So, lets get back to the Rig, I bet that most of the people want to spend they're lives on doing great things that would make them proud of themselves but lets face it, it takes time and it needs someone active not lazy, things won't happen without working hard enough, it takes a huge period of time, especially if you weren't someone with talents that people want to see.
See, writing talent is good, drawing is even better but people at the moment are running around singers and actors witch is a talent that cannot be created by human.
Everything, everyone got a Rig but God, he's the only one who has no Rig, God will live forever, he never dies, he created us all and I'm so thankful for him for making my life the best I can ever imagine, we should all take a look at our lives very well and from a efferent angels, in same moment that you have troubles, you have good times and happiness is waiting for you all over in this world, your Rig is full just by reading this, so try from now on to spend what you got in your Rig for the best of the best, enjoy your life and same time remember there's this amazing God that is keeping your Rig, mention him a lot in your life and enjoy every second in it and don't give up, don't ever give up and no matter what happens.

Wrote by: Akiro Skullfield

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror 

   Look at a normal mirror and take a second looking at yourself in the mirror, you'd see your normal face/body, the one that everybody sees when they look at you, but if you break that mirror into peaces and get them together, you'd see yourself in two peaces, that is you "your normal look" and the second part " is the hidden person inside of you, not much people knows about it. ;)" and that's a deal cause it only shows up at specific situations, but if you would break the mirror for more than 10 peaces and get them together, you'd see someone not you, someone that got scars in everywhere, that's really you, that's the kind person, your secrets, your hidden past, your scars, your broken heart and everything, it's all there, no matter how rude you are, no matter how much your haters are, there is someone kind deep down of you, that's why you should live more and more to show that broken person inside of you to your own self, to learn how to fight the future and same time not being the rude person that people hates to know. 
"Just because they harmed you once, doesn't mean they can do it twice." 
That's why we learn, to not let them harm our feelings and everything.

Cry, cry, your not perfect cause:
"The eye that doesn't cry, it actually sees nothing from the fact."
That's why crying isn't a prove of weakness or anything like that but it means that I'm fighting the past for wining the bright future. 

Don't let the past ends your future and stops you from living your life at the moment, don't let your heart judge you in every single time you get into a situation... Cause:
 "it's not always the same && it will never be" 

Wrote by: Akiro Skullfield

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

حقيقة اليهود 2

السلام هو في مقدمة الحكمة و تفسير الكلام 

للكاتب: وليد خالد العامري 

اليهود هم عدوٌ لا يُستعانُ به، فو قويٌ كفاية و منذ اللحظة التي بدأت فيها فكرة "هرتزل" لتكوين قومية تحت اسم الصهيون، حيث أنها بدأت بنشر بالخطأ و استمرت عليه و أكبر دليل هو انه اليهودية هي ديانة و ليست قومية، و انتهت بنشر هذه الفكرة بالخطأ لانه الله و في جميع اديانه قد حرم قتل الناس الأبرياء بلا حق و حرم سيطرة شعب على شعب آخر و بلا سبب وجيه...

الكبرياء هو سلاحٌ قاتل يفتك بالشعب، حيث أننا لا نستخدمه ضد اليهود الصهاينة و إنما نستخدمه في ما بيننا، المسلم يحمل كبرياءً ضد اخوه المسلم و في حين نرى اليهود موحدين و يكمن كربيائهم ضدنا فقط...

لن تتحرر فلسطين أبداً الا إذا تحركت الشعوب العربية جميعها ضد اليهود و كل من يقف معهم، و بلا استثناء... و لكن قبل ان نوحد انفسنا و نحارب الغرب على ما يفعلون يجب ان نطهر انفسنا مما نفعله، يجب ان نرجع للخلف و نتحلى بما تحلى به العرب الأولون، من قوة عزيمة و شجاعة و الى آخره، غير أننا سندعو الى التوحيد، و ندعو بالحق، يجب ان يرجع زمن الخلافة الى العرب و توحد جميع الدول العربية لتصبح دولة واحد يحكمها كتاب الله (عز و جل) "القرآن الكريم" نحن لا نحتاج الى حاكم يحكم دولتنا و إنما الى شخص يطبق قوانين الله (عز و جل)، العرب أقوياء و لكنهم في نفس الوقت متأثرين بأفكار الغرب و هم في استجابة كبيرة لأفكارهم، العرب هم أصحاب العزة و الكرامة غير أنهم متأثرين و بصورة عامة بأفكار تطبيقها ممكن يذهب بهم الى الهاوي...

كل ما نحتاجه هو متوفر لدينا، فنحن نملك المواد الأولية، نملك الرجال الأزمة للتحرر من الغرب و بصورة تامة، نحن نملك كل ما نحتاجه و لكننا و في نفس الوقت متفارقين عن بعضنا البعض، كثيراً منا يملك أفكاراً ممتازة لكننا لا نعلم كيفية عرضها و تطبيقها، نحن نحتاج الى متكلمٍ جيدٍ يرتجل بكلامه و لا يقرأ ما مكتوبٌ على الورق... كثيراً من اليهود الصهاينة يخافون من الاقتراب الى العرب حيث انه الجندي اليهودي يرتعب من رؤية طفل لا يتجاوز عمره ١٣ سنة يحمل شجاعة شعوب الغرب و يقاتل حاملاً الحجارة، و في نفس الوقت يستهين بشباب العرب الذين يرون اليهود و يهربون منهم...

الحل بسيط و هو يحتاج الى تطهير النفس من أفكار الغرب و التصرف بالعقل لا بالقلب فمن الممكن ان تأتيك خيانة تُذهِبْ عليك لذة الحياة، الحل هو ان يشغل الإنسان نفسه بالخير لحتى لا يكون له وقت للمحرمات، و يبتعد عن أصحاب السوء و لو كانوا آخر الأصدقاء، المساجد في بعض الأماكن تكاد ان تكون فارغة فأملؤها بالخير و التبرعات و اهتموا بمنظرها و نظافتها لكي يأتي إليها الناس... فكل مسجد هو بيتٌ لله (عز و جل)... ان شاء الله النصر قريب و حتى لو لن يكون النصر لفلسطين و إنما النصر للدين، ان اهم من الأرض و الوطن و كل شيء هو رضا الله (عز و حل) و رضا الأهل من بعد رضا الله و خصوصاً الأم، فرضا الوالدين من رضا الله (عز و جل)...

يا جماعة الخير الغرب و بصورة عامة بدأوا يأخذون نظرة أخرى عن الدين الإسلامي، فهم لا يعلمون بخيرنا و بما نفعله لأجل ديننا، فهم يتجهون الى المجرمين الإرهابيين الذين يقتلون الناس في ما بعضهم بلا حق و الدين ينسبون انفسهم الى الإسلام و هم أساساً لا يعلمون الدين الإسلامي حقيقةً، فالدين الإسلامي هو الدين الذي يدعو لتوحيد الخالق، و للحق، و للدفاع عن النفس و العقيدة، الجهاد يكون ضد الكفار (العرب كانوا أم الغرب فالارهابي يستحق الموت و مهما كان اصله عربيٌ أم عربي المجاهد لا يقتل و لو مسلم واحد بلا حق و إنما المجاهد يقتل الغربي المتعدي على حقوق العرب المسلمين)...

كان الرسول محمد (صلى الله عليه و سلم) يتنمى ان يكون شهيداً، فهو الرسول المنزل من الله (عز و جل) و مقامته الكبيرة عند الله يتمنى الشهادة فهل من الممكن ان تتخيلوا مقامة الشهيد عند الله؟ الذي لا يبالي بمتاع الحياة الدنيا و إنما كل ما يريده هو الآخرة!!

الى كل من يعتبر نفسه مسلم، أطالبه بأعادة التفكير بهذا الموضوع، من الممكن انك تعمل شيء محرم و انت غافل عنه، لا تستبعد الأمر، فكر فحسب، الإنسان غير معصوم من الخطأ و لهذا فالله غفورٌ رحيم، يحب التوابين و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته. 

Coding It

Coding It

The idea of Coding It started it as a simple thought that came into my head while I was creating a new password, same time I wanted something to remind me of my password so I won't lose my Internet accounts when I forget the password, of course I can't type in my password in my phone or on a paper or etc, so I've been thinking about it and finely, I solved it, thanks to God.
How about you make a password code for your own liking? In a way that nobody else but you && the people who have the rules that you coded with... You can put the code of your password anywhere you want, even on public, you can give out this code that you shall make of your password to anyone and you can be 100% sure they won't be knowing how to solve it unless you tell them the rules of how you made it.
So, let's say my password is this (dryouandmeg1234) and now I want to code this password so when I forget the password and still have the code I can return to the making code rules and solve it and get my password back.
I won't show you all the rules cause simply there's millions of rules that you can come up with but I will show you my own rules that I made up today!
1. Before typing a number that means a litter's place in the English litters there's have to be a question mark (?) so I can know that after this question mark comes numbers of meaning the place of this letter. Before I write numbers that means normal numbers there's have to be a Slash (-) that means the numbers after this slash are meaning normal numbers and not meaning the place of a litter.
2. There may will be a litter with more than 10-th place such as the litter (P)'s place in English is 16 there's have to be a line under that number, so if 16 means the litter (P) and not (A) and (F) then I have to write a line under it, 16
That's the rules I made for my own password, so, let's remind you of my password, it's (drandg1234) let's code it now but also remember the litter's places in English:
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4
E = 5
F = 6
G = 7
H = 8
I = 9
J = 10
K = 11
L = 12
M = 13
N = 14
O = 15
P = 16
Q = 17
R = 18
S = 19
T = 20
U = 21
V = 22
W = 23
X = 24
Y = 25
Z = 26
again, my password is: dryouandmeg1234
Let's code it:
? 4 18 25 17 21 1 14 4 13 5 7 - 1234
- -- -- -- -- - -- - -- - -
so, let's solve this code:
? = means after this mark there's numbers meaning litters.
4 = d
18 = r
25 = y
17 = o
21 = u
1 = a
14 = n
4 = d
13 = m
5 = e
7 = g
- = means after this mark there's normal numbers!
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4

Idea and text wrote by : Akiro Skullfield


Sunday, April 28, 2013

يهودية في منتصف العمر تحاول نزع حجاب أمرأة فلسطينية كبيرة في السن

بالله عليكم ينادونا الإسرائيليين بالسارقين لأننا هكرنا حساباتهم في الإنترنت و في حين يعتبرون انفسهم على الحق وانهم الضحية في كل هذا و هذه الصورة تثبت الحقيقة امرأة كبيرة السن تتقرب إليها يهودية تحاول نزع حجابها و الأطفال اليهود يضربونها، هل هذا هو الحق؟

أنا اعتقد أن محاولة سرق حساباتهم على الإنترنت تعتبر حرام لأننا لسنا عرباً فقط بل نحن العرب المسلمون و محاولة سرقة شيء من احد يعطي صورة خاطئة للدين الإسلامي أمام الأشخاص الذين لا يعلمون معنى الدين الإسلامي... و هذا حرام ١٠٠ ٪

و في نفس الوقت أقول لنفسي، لو أن سارقاً أخذ مني مالي و أنا لحقتهُ و أخذت مالي من السارق بلا علمه هل سيجعلني هذا سارقاً أيضاً؟ لا اعتقد أنني سأكون سارقاً بل شخصاً قادراً على رد حقهِ من الظلاميين... و هذه المسألة محيرة صراحة...

فما هو رأيكم؟ هل نتعلم كيفية تهكير المواقع و نعاون إخوانا العرب المسلمين و حتى المسيحيين و كل من يقف ضد اليهود الصهاينة؟ أو نقف صامتين على جنب من هذا الموضوع؟

Sunday, April 14, 2013

RAC's Music


Lets start by reminding that
RAC = Remix Artist Collective!
RAC is André, Andrew & Karl.
RAC's remixes always been on my top music's list for many reasons, when I start listening to they're music I start thinking about many things, amazing thoughts ride over my head and I get this amazing feeling to start writing what I hear, sometimes I start dancing all over with no thinking on what I'm doing, it's all because the touches that RAC add.

RAC create a new meaning of the word MUSIC, RAC defined Music as a meaning of life.

I know what music means for many people and I'm sure it means a lot, because music teaches you something, it's like a story, a 5 minutes story, so, RAC add they're own ideas from beats and music effects on song and create a totally new songs that many people would call RAC's.

RAC thinks that no matter how old are you and no matter what you've done yesterday, today or what will you do next as long as you can dance then your alright.

Stress? All of us have our own lives and all of us get so much stressed every single day and the perfect solution of how to get ride of stress is listening to music and for a classy music, there is RAC!!

I've been stalking RAC's music from almost 9 months and I've been trying to describe it the way it deserves but actually couldn't really give a fast describe of it, not until today, well, I can tell you that:
RAC's music is deeper than it looks like, it's not like any other, I think that André is trying to get into the person's deep feelings and move them and push the people to dance, forget whatever happened yesterday and let's start over, it's a classy thing, it's so clear deep down his Remixes (music).

RAC, deserves to be on the top lists artistes of all the time, it's very clear when you turn on ANY of the Remixes by RAC, you can see how different it is from the original single and way better than the original one, it's not easy making Remixes and add effects like RAC do and the hard work falls on making music that touches the person's feelings!

RAC make remixes of many kinds of music, funny kind of music, dancing music, quite music, crazy music and classy one!

RAC is now making a Remix of Bob Marley's song Could You Be Loved, witch is a very clear prove on what RAC is trying to do for us, RAC is saying something but not on text, not on speech it's on the Radio, via Music.

Follow RAC on Twitter: @RAC www.twitter.com/RAC
Like the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/remixartistcollective
And the Tumblr: www.rac.tumblr.com

This Text is Written by: Akiro Skullfield
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